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Koshy, S. 2011, 'Poster presentation:an effective assessment for large communication classes?', in N. Courtney, C. Holtham & C. Nygaard (eds), Beyond Transmission: Innovations in University Teaching, Libri publishing, UK. pp. 203


This paper sums up the results of action research conducted by the author to evaluate the efficacy of using Poster Presentations as an assignment for a large communication class. The increase in class sizes, even in communication courses, had prompted a rethink of the current assessment methods. For the first time in the university posters were used as a means of assessing students’ work. The lecturer conducted descriptive research to assess the feasibility of repeating the assessment in future communication courses. A survey consisting of a sample of 25% of the population was conducted along with several informal interviews. The results show overwhelming support for using Posters as an assessment method.