Flexible RFID Tag Antenna Design



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Wee, F., Abdul Malek, M., Yew, B., Lee, Y., Ibrahim, S. & Rahim, H. 2020, 'Flexible RFID Tag Antenna Design', Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol. 107, pp. 59-65.


Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020. This research is to design a radio frequency identification (RFID) high sensitivity tag antenna which operates at UHF frequency band (919-923 MHz). The major problem in designing the tag antenna is that it needs to be designed for long-range transmission with a miniaturized size. However, reducing the size of the tag antenna can cause the gain to be decreased. Another challenge in designing RFID passive tag is to ensure no huge change occurs on the resonant frequency when the tag antenna is being bent. This research had provided two methods in overcoming those problems that include the construction of a meander line structure to reduce the antenna size that can be applied to a small device. In addition, flexible substrate, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) had been chosen for tag antenna. Thus, the expected result shows high gain (1.55 dB) with a small size of flexible tag antenna.

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