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Biju, S. M., Salau, A. O., Eneh, J. N., Sochima, V. E. & Ozue, I. T. G. 2020, 'A novel pre-class learning content approach for the implementation of flipped classrooms', International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 131-136.


The nascent recognition of computing in curriculum across countries is also accompanied by several pedagogic inefficiencies especially concerning insufficient time available for teacher-student interaction. In this paper, a flipped classroom concept was identified as an effective approach to teaching students at various levels in the academia including Higher Education. Preparing the pre-class content and considering the format used to deliver it has not gained much consideration. There are several ways in which this content could be provided to students to prepare them before an in-class activity where a flipped-classroom approach can be implemented. The present study analyzed the success of the flipped classroom concept based on a comparative analysis of the two types of flipped classroom pre-class content delivery methods: online videos and online PowerPoint slides. Evaluation was performed using paired T-test. The results show that the two approaches have significantly different means and huge differences between them. The students preferred online videos to online PowerPoint (ppt) methods underlining the importance of the proposed flipped classroom approach.



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