Analytical confinement model for square section confined with circular ties



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Jaafar, K. & Sikora, K. 2020, 'Analytical confinement model for square section confined with circular ties', Australian Journal of Structural Engineering,


2020, 2020 Engineers Australia. In the past, a lot of research has focused on using spirals and rings to confine concrete. Yet, the effect of using spirals to confine square cross sections is not well investigated. It would appear from the above, therefore, that there is a need for a reappraisal of the material model used to describe the behaviour of concrete in the compressive zone of a beam. Its aim should be to improve the theoretical basis of the structural concrete design so as to be compatible with concrete behaviour in the experimental observation. This paper proposes an analytical confinement model that measures the stress-strain behaviour of rectangular concrete sections confined with spiral links. This research aims to provide an average equation to calculate the strength enhancement that results from confining rectangular beams with spiral links and hence this simplified model could be used for design purposes. The proposed model is capable of predicting the behaviour of normal-strength concrete as well as high-strength concrete and incorporates allowance strength variation. Comparisons are made between the proposed new model and the models of others in the literature.

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