Game-theoretic Approach to Fleet Management for Vehicle to Grid Services



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Ziad, C., Rajamani, H. & Manikas, I. 2019, 'Game-theoretic Approach to Fleet Management for Vehicle to Grid Services', 2019 IEEE 19th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, ISSPIT 2019,


2019 IEEE. There is a growing interest in the efficient use of energy in smart cities of the future, especially through the effective use of electrical vehicles that accommodate the needs of advanced city wide infrastructure. Vehicle to Grid service provision has been proposed previously as a way of providing storage for the smart grid to mitigate stresses, particularly at peak times. Organizations having a fleet of electrical vehicles can benefit through acting as a single aggregator. We propose an advanced architecture that acts to control scheduling for such fleets. The focus is on how a large facility in a smart city, with many electrical vehicles that are under different departments could optimize their rewards based on a game-theoretic approach that aims at supporting the grid. Genetic algorithms are used to schedule the vehicles for optimum operation. The major contribution of our work is the design of a dynamic cooperative game between the departments of a facility to support the grid.

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