B2B purchase engagement: Examining the key drivers and outcomes in professional services



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Nyadzayo, M., Casidy, R. & Thaichon, P. 2019, 'B2B purchase engagement: Examining the key drivers and outcomes in professional services', Industrial Marketing Management,


2019 Elsevier Inc. The concept of engagement in regard to the business-to-business (B2B) sector has received less attention due to the complexity and heterogeneity of people involved in making the buying decisions. Hence, there is limited research examining the role of professional service firms' simultaneous collaboration with stakeholders in general, and the drivers and outcomes of engagement in particular, within the B2B sector. To address this gap, this study examines the drivers and outcomes of purchase engagement in B2B professional services. Using the structural equation modelling approach, the results from a survey of CEOs and/or owner-managers of small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia found that customization and loyalty to the account manager are two salient drivers of purchase engagement. Purchase engagement is also found to yield three important outcomes, namely consideration set size (CSZ), dependence, and willingness to pay a premium price (WTP). In the study, customers' dependence on the suppliers was found to act as a mechanism through which engagement can influence CSZ and WTP.

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