CalorieKiller: Burning Calories using Mobile Exergame with Wearables



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Reiaz, S., Mcharek, I., Shabbir, R., Lim, H., Talukder, D., Udasi, R., Abdul Malek, M. & Malek, K. Abd. 2019, 'CalorieKiller: Burning Calories using Mobile Exergame with Wearables', 2019 IEEE 7th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, SeGAH 2019,


2019 IEEE. The main focus of this project is to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle through the means of a mobile exergame with wearable sensors. It is crucial to create a fun and social environment to perform exercises so that it will attract more people to work out and stay fit. Our project uses features of gaming application - animated characters performing the exercises as a means for multiple people to exercise together and create a friendly environment. Along with this gaming aspect the calories burnt by the players will be calculated during every exercise session and displayed. This information of calories burnt will be calculated through conducting case studies where the movement detected by the accelerometer sensors when particular exercises are performed will be recorded along with the heart rate of the person after every exercise. This paper will showcase the design and application of the CalorieKiller project that calculates and displays the calories burnt by the user while they exercise through the means of our game.

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