Exercise Intensity in Exergaming: An approach by GameFiTT



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Malek, K. Abd., Md-Yasin, M., Ismail, I. Ameera., Tharek, Z., Nasir, N. Munirah., Ismail, H., Lim, H., Malek, M. Fareq. & Mohamed, N. Azmi. 2019, 'Exercise Intensity in Exergaming: An approach by GameFiTT', 2019 IEEE 7th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, SeGAH 2019, IEEE, United States,


2019 IEEE. Active video games are exergames that track players' body movement in relation to the game requirement. While active video games provide the necessary modes of exercise types in relation to aerobic, resistance, yoga and stretching, they are limited by compartmental movements that needed to be selected by players to form one complete exercise training to include warm-up, endurance and aerobic as well as cooling-down. The GameFiTT proposed an integration of a complete exercise workout of 35 minutes through pre-recorded exercise video and playing. Real time exercise intensity will be exploited to motivate and encourage players' motivation to exercise. This approach is hoped to improve the current exergame as to achieve a higher level of intensity during game play which is needed to create health impact.

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