Peukert Effects on Domestic Energy Storage in Virtual Power Plants



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Okpako, O., Rajamani, H., Anoh, K., Adamu, P. & Abdel-Alhameed, R. 2019, 'Peukert Effects on Domestic Energy Storage in Virtual Power Plants', IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference: Power Economics and Energy Innovation in Africa, PowerAfrica 2019, pp. 688-693.


2019 IEEE. In residential homes, domestic energy storage in batteries have been proposed by many to support the grid. To foster its integration into the grid, virtual power plant (VPP) technology is used. In this paper, we evaluate Peukert condition of domestic battery storage within a given distribution level market. An evolutionary algorithm is applied to optimize the social welfare of stakeholders in a community VPP at different levels of Peukert conditions. The dynamic load performance of the VPP with respect to the grid requirements for demand-side management (DSM) is also presented to evaluate the impact of the Peukert effect on DSM. The results show that the social welfare of the VPP stakeholders decreases as Peukert effects increase.

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