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Todd, C., Kirillov, M., Tarabichi, M., Naghdy, F. & Naghdy, G. 2009, 'An analysis of medical image processing methods for segmentation of the inner ear', in Y. Xiao, T. Amon & P. Kommers (eds), Proceedings of the IADIS Multiconference, Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Algarve, Portugal June 20-22, 2009, MCCSIS, Germany, pp. 213-218.


This study explores software development methods and subsequent results for delineation of the inner ear using medical image processing techniques with clinical relevance such as for pre- and post- operative evaluations, surgical planning and exploration. Methods for data acquisition and segmentation of ilmer ear anatomy, specifically the cochlea, are analyzed. Segmentation methods for extracting and rendering the cochlea from Computed Tomography are implemented using an ITK/VTK approach, and results are provided for comparison. These include variations of region-growing, threshold-based and level set segmentation methods. The analysis focuses on image acquisition, registration and extraction of the complex cochlear spiral and surrounding anatomy, with previous comparisons reviewing a broadspectrum of medical image segmentation strategies. The review is intended to provide a comparative analysis of recent methods in segmentation of middle and inner ear anatomy, and ensuing results in this field of medical image processing.