Factors influencing the spread of green building projects in the UAE



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Yas, Z. & Jaafer, K. 2020, 'Factors influencing the spread of green building projects in the UAE', Journal of Building Engineering, vol. 27, pp. 100894-1-100894-17.


The concept of green buildings has gained increased importance in the last two decades, as it offers pertinent solutions to global problems related to the depletion of energy and water resources as well as to the problems associated with the accumulation of waste products from the construction process. In this research, we studied the factors that affect the spread of green buildings in the United Arab Emirates. We subdivided these factors into barriers, drivers and promoters and then investigated these factors through a survey questionnaire to gather the opinions of construction professionals in the UAE. The results of this study can be applied to almost all the countries in the Middle East, as the UAE is regarded as a leading country in the region in the field of construction technology. Several international studies have tried to identify the challenges faced by sustainable projects globally. In this research, we will draw attention to the challenges in the UAE and the similarity and the differences between these and the challenges present in other parts of the world in terms of obstacles and drivers to the spread of sustainability. Most of the previous studies have focused on only the barriers faced by green buildings in the initial stages of design and construction, which are, in general, lack of experience, extended cost and shortage of time, inadequate governmental support and low knowledge and demand from investors and end users. In this research, we are going to focus on issues influencing GBTs in the world and also include the barriers, drivers that promotes the operational stage of green projects factors internationally which the use of survey gathered through data collected and examined with the use of SPSS analysis in getting the barriers that leads to the governmental promoters that influences the GB spread in the UAE.

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