Understanding the Business Value Creation Process for Business Intelligence Tools in the UAE



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Ahmed, A., Mohd Yusof, S. Affendi. & Oroumchian, F. 2019, 'Understanding the Business Value Creation Process for Business Intelligence Tools in the UAE', Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 55-88.


Background: In today's dynamically changing business environment, organizations are constantly striving to improve their organizational performance, and the use of business intelligence (BI) aids in this process. This is a key reason why BI has captured the attention of many academicians and practitioners. Most of the research on BI highlights its importance and the ways in which it facilitates decision-making; however, there is limited research on how the use of BI tools and applications benefits the organization by enabling it to convert the millions of dollars spent on BI investment into business value. This study validates the "business value of BI" framework by evaluating the business value creation process for BI tools in the UAE.

Method: The data for this empirical study were collected via interviews with 15 middle managers from various industries in the UAE, with a focus on BI tools and the use of BI in their organizations.

Results: The results show that a business value creation process for BI exists and that it is divided into three subprocesses: the BI conversion process, BI use process, and BI competitive process.

Conclusions: The use of BI has become necessary for organizations to compete effectually. The results of this study identify the various BI tools that organizations in the UAE use. Furthermore, the results highlight the business value creation process of BI tools and how the effective use BI offers an information advantage that facilitates decision-making and eventually promotes financial and non-financial benefits for the organization.

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