Examining the role of marketing motives and benefits of quality award frameworks



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Lasrado, F. 2019, 'Examining the role of marketing motives and benefits of quality award frameworks', Measuring Business Excellence, vol. 23, no. 2, pp. 182-198.


Purpose: While the literature has examined various motives and benefits of quality management frameworks, it is limited with respect to marketing related motives and benefits. More specifically, previous research has not considered empirically the relationship between marketing motives and benefits of quality award models. To address this, the purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between perceived marketing related motives and benefits and to analyze the influence of the sources of marketing motivations that lead companies to adopt this global standard for its perceived benefits in an Arab context.

Design/methodology/approach: A quantitative study to examine the relationships between the proposed motives and benefits using structural equation modeling was carried out.

Findings: The findings reinforce the view of marketing motives as a dynamic construct, which has an influence on quality awards model implementations. Also, the marketing related and performance drivers to implement the quality award model have a degree of influence on the benefits that is significantly higher than external related ones.

Research limitations/implications: The main implication of this study is that marketing has a role to play in shaping an organizations "excellence" journey. It is yet another strategy to attract customers while striving for higher performance. Therefore, the motives for pursuing excellence should embed marketing related factors as well. The results will also enable aspiring organizations to refine their improvement methods, encouraging them to prioritize on their marketing motives and build on their excellence portfolios.

Originality/value: The paper proposes an empirically tested conceptual framework that examines vital issues concerning the internalization of the total quality management approach through award models, thus, providing valuable outcomes for decision-makers through business excellence frameworks.

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