Preliminary Review - Universities' Open Source Academic Integrity Policies in the UAE



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Khan, Z. Reza., Khelalfa, H., Sarabdeen, J., Harish, P. & Raheja, S. 2019, 'Preliminary Review - Universities' Open Source Academic Integrity Policies in the UAE', in H. R. Arabnia, L. Deligiannidis, F. G. Tinetti & Q. Tran (eds), Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science & Computer Engineering, CSREA Press, United States, pp. 59-64.


In this paper, we conducted investigation of the state of academic integrity policies in universities accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education. For practical reasons, we focused on universities whose websites provided an open access to their policies of academic integrity. The accessible policies were collected, then assessed based on eight identified categories mapped to the five core elements as defined by the Academic Integrity Standards Project conducted in Australia. This project found that of the seven universities whose policies were available as open access online from sample population, highlighted disparities including unclear purpose of the policy, missing complete definitions of academic integrity, misconducts, reporting systems and so on. These findings lay the foundation for a more comprehensive review and analysis of all the universities' policies, not only those with open-access policies to assist stakeholders in developing shared understanding of academic integrity across all institutions in the country.

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