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Kamel, A. & Watfa, M. K. 2018, 'Disruption-based innovations for incumbent technology businesses', International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 20-50.


Disruptive innovation has been the subject of countless research since the term was coined by Christensen back in 1997. This research, however, looks at the topic from a new angle - that of the business being disrupted. The research presents an attempt to model and support strategic business risk management based on threats coming from disruptive innovation in the market from the incumbent technology or business's point of view. We present three different theoretical paradigms, build hypotheses upon those paradigms, and then proceed to test those hypotheses. The results of the research include mapping the presented theorems onto the world of business, and assessing their impact on long-term business planning and strategic risk management practices.