Analysis of Engineering Students' Academic Satisfaction in a Culturally Diverse University



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Hysai, A., Elkhouly, A., Qureshi, A. Wasim. & Abdulaziz, N. 2018, 'Analysis of Engineering Students' Academic Satisfaction in a Culturally Diverse University', 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE), IEEE, United States, pp. 755-760.


The study of how students learn technical material has become increasingly significant. It has been acknowledged over a period of time that students from different backgrounds have different learning styles and that alternate teaching methodology and styles can aid the learning process. The diverse environment offered within educational institutions in UAE raises a challenge for the educators to provide an effective classroom setup to maximize individual student satisfaction and performance while enabling them to recognize their own cognitive skillset. The objective was an analysis of the association between cultural diversity and satisfaction of engineering students. The approach involved collection and extraction of relevant data from two survey questionnaires. A sample size of 113 students was recorded for the surveys. The data from the surveys was tested against several hypothesis and the results indicated that cultural diversity had significant correlation with university satisfaction and therefore recommendations for future work were also presented.

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