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Musril, R. E., Rahim, H. A., Abdulmalek, M., Jusoh, M. & Salleh, M. E. M. 2019, 'An Enhanced Gain of Yagi-Uda Antenna with Folded Dipole for Amateur Radio VHF Band Application', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 1175, no. 1, pp. 012064-1-012064-8.


This paper presents an enhanced gain of Yagi-Uda antenna with folded dipole for amateur radio Very High Frequency (VHF) band. The analysis is performed using CST Microwave Studio Suite software. The structure of this directional antenna integrates three main parts which are directors, reflectors and feeder point of 50 Ω. The performance of the proposed antenna has a tolerable reflection coefficient below -10 dB at 144.46 MHz. A maximum gain of around 14.03 dB with a good efficiency of 75.6% is achieved. The gain of the antenna increases up to 2% when added with 7 elements of reflector than with one element of reflector and enhanced significantly by 23.6% compared to the conventional Yagi-Uda antenna.



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