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Hammood, D. A., Rahim, H. A., Ahmad, R. B., Alkhayyat, A., Salleh, M. E. M., Abdulmalek, M., Jusoh, M. & Abbasi, Q. H. 2019, 'Enhancement of the Duty Cycle Cooperative Medium Access Control for Wireless Body Area Networks', IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 3348-3359.


This paper presents a novel energy-efficient and reliable connection to enhance the transmission of data over a shared medium for wireless body area networks (WBAN). We propose a novel protocol of two master nodes based cooperative protocol (TMNCP). In the proposed protocol, two master nodes were considered, that is, the belt master node and the outer body master node. The master nodes work cooperatively to avoid the retransmission process by sensors due to fading and collision, and reducing the bit error rate (BER), which results a reduction of the duty cycle and average transmission power. In addition, we have also presented a mathematical model of the duty cycle with the proposed protocol for the WBAN. The results show that the proposed cooperative protocol reduced the BER by a factor of four. The average transmission power is reduced by a factor of 0.21, and hence shows the potential of the proposed technique to be used in future wearable wireless sensors and systems.



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