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Biju, S. M. 2018, 'Best Approach to Teach Advanced Programming', International Journal of Education and Management Engineering, vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 37-45.


This paper focuses on an approach that could be effective for teaching programming languages such as advanced Java Programming, and involves a new framework implemented using the practical approach along with new framework. Assessment tools were designed to facilitate this kind of approach toward teaching programming. The new approach is implemented by conducting lectures in the lab or laptop facilitated classroom. The subject assessments and delivery methods were modified to include projects and class works. Students were encouraged to apply concepts learnt in the class in an incremental manner leading to a complete software application and also write a reflective report. It adapted the Kolb's experimental learning style theory. Effectiveness of this approach is evident through a comparison of students' results obtained after implementation of this approach, with results obtained using the traditional style of teaching.



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