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Kaddoumi, T., Elhabashy, K., Diab, M. & Watfa, M. K. 2018, 'The impact of knowledge engineering and cloud computing adoption on Business Driven IT', International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, vol. 8, no. 5, pp. 460-465.


Organizations have high expectations for cloud computing to help them in accomplishing their Business Level Objectives (BLOs) and consequently change the landscape of the business boosting both the flexibility and the agility of the business processes. Cloud computing improves management availability by monitoring the operations and creating new virtual environments for a multiplex set of ubiquitous services which is also referred to as the Internet of Things. Business Driven IT Management (BDIM) is a way to manage business layers through business metrics that are aligned with IT metrics through a processes layer. This paper analyses the linkage between cloud computing and the BDIM metrics including organization's cost, quality of service (QoS), and productivity. Some of the research questions that would be analyzed include the following: will the cloud be cost efficient? Will it affect business productivity? Or will it enhance the quality of services?



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