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Koshy, S. & Anoop, A. 2016, 'The role of Fandom, Comic-Con and Films in soft-power diplomacy of the UAE: An exploratory study', International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference, International Journal of Arts & Sciences, United States, pp. 1-8.


This is an exploratory study of the symbiotic relationship of fandom, comic-con and the rising film culture in the UAE. Fan culture, a growing global phenomenon has flourished in the UAE's entertainment scene too. The UAE hosted the first Middle East Comic-con in 2012 attracting fans from across the Middle East. The manifold increase in participation in recent years testifies to the growth in fan population. Science-fiction and adventure films are the most popular film genres with UAE audiences. The UAE has also been the shooting location for many Hollywood movies in these genres. The interest in science-fiction and adventure films could explain the active participation of fans in Comic-con. The symbiotic relationship among Comic-con, sci-fi films and fandom is of benefit to the UAE both directly in terms of revenue and indirectly through soft-power.