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Settling In - Screen Print 2009

Garry Jones

I am inspired to re-analyse, re-interpret and to re-construct Ulladulla Mickey’s landscapes as both two-dimensional images and three-dimensional object based and installation possibilities. In this respect I want to dwell on them, and possibly dwell in them; and to explore and clarify my own subjective responses and relationship to them. My aim more broadly is to explore concepts of ‘dwelling’, both in terms of the noun (a building or place of shelter to live in; a place of residence; an abode; a home), and the verb (to reside; to continue in a given condition or state; to linger over, emphasise, or ponder). My own subjectivity (or standpoint) as a person of mixed ancestry, who identifies as ‘Aboriginal’, but whose life experience has been shaped in the social, cultural and economic flux of the south-east, will be central to the research. To ‘dwell in’ or to ‘dwell on’ are contingent on the existence of a certain physical or metaphysical space. How ‘we’ discover, construct, make claim to, and occupy certain dwelling places, and how the simplistic tension between being in place and being out of place (placement¬/displacement, local/alien, indigenous/non-indigenous) might be meaningfully triangulated to take cognizance of the myriad ‘being’ sites ‘in-between’, will be integral to my research.


Copyright Garry Jones.


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