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Advent Rumble (detail) - Digital print on cotton 2009

Agnieszka Golda

Underpinning this work is an engagement with issues of migration, performative ritual practices and storytelling, concerned with addressing conditions of memory, loss and recovery. This work draws on the historical influences of folkloric and fantasy inspired imagery and utilises sources such as Polish ritual costumes and Japanese ‘cosplay’, as well as narrative structures of Polish folklore stories (oral tellings and printed fairy tales), manga (Japanese cartoons) and anime (Japanese animation). Through surface compositions, digital printing, cloth and textile forms the work recalls vanishing historical and personal memories. In a broader context, to invoke this process of recovery through the installation practice, I deploy two-dimensional and three-dimensional practices (textiles, painting, sculpture and digital media). Arrangements of objects, text, digital prints and traditional making-practices (crochet) with depictions of shape-shifting identities explore ways of constructing spaces that seek to stabilise the irreconcilable through the recovery and salvaging of historical, collective, personal and sensory experiences and memory and which, at the same time resist the local structures of feeling of my birth place in Poland.


Copyright Agnieszka Golda.


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