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The Lure of Port Kembla (detail) - Giclée Print 2008

Gregor Cullen
As I follow the labyrinthine diversity of personal geography, lived experience grounded in nature, culture and history, forming landscape and place, I have to dream a little, as well as listen for the political wake-up calls. (1)

Lippard’s writing on community, place and locality informs my print making, my actions, observations and experience of living in Port Kembla. The prints I make about Port allow me the time to reflect on my engagement with that community and the symbolic meaning of its location and significance within the region and nation. I know that in the process of making a print I will discover the accidental, the printing error or imperfection that transforms the work and gives it a life of its own. I’ve learnt this from screen printing but now I make printed images with digital tools and processes that appear to recreate the haphazard, the accidental and chance. That mimics the hand cut as I once would have done in the making of a serigraph.

As a Graphic Designer my contract with the client requires me to minimise risk, printing errors are costly and clients are unkind to works of visual communication that fail to be understood. But I’m reminded not to confuse communication with legibility. The end of print… never.

The work in this exhibition is work-in-progress, part of a series of Giclee Prints exploring heritage, meaning, belonging and identity.

(1) Lippard, L. The Lure of The Local, The New Press, New York 1997


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