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Uncertain matter - Digital print 2009

Brogan Bunt
This set of visual experiments has its basis in a process of software programming. It is the product of a custom software application (Um) that aims to explore neglected possibilities of grid-based drawing and animation. In the case of bit-mapped images, the underlying grid and grid elements (pixels) are typically positioned as a neutral medium for the display of coherent, holistic images. Um takes a different approach, pursuing the positive, visible, apparent features of the grid and shaping pixels as miniature or macro drawing forms. The software is concerned with plays of grid-based pattern, resolution and metamorphosis. It is geared towards screen-based delivery, but I have recently added features that enable images to be exported at high resolution. These images, however, are often difficult to see on screen – accessible only as zoomed sections of detail or as texturally reduced overall views. It is within this context that I have become interested in printing the images; so that I can actually see them. For me, they are images from another place – twilight, abstract images that bear an uncertain, tentative relation to paper. The electronic flow of the animations come closer to their genuine stuff.


Copyright Brogan Bunt.


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