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Eustorgis 1. - Two colour lithograph printed by Tom Goulder, Duck Print Fine Art Editions, Port Kembla 2007

Diana Wood Conroy
The process of translation across visual media is vital and transforming in bringing to light new approaches to an idea. Making a drawing or rubbing of freshly excavated stones that have been carved, inscribed or formed into mosaic, and then transferring that image on to a lithographic stone or etching plate permits a new trajectory for an ancient object into another, contemporary archive.

As a weaver, translating from a drawing to the grid of warp and weft has been a primary strategy in constructing tapestry, The nuances of printmaking in all its variety allows subtle thinking about the intrinsic vocabularies of artmaking, for example in the bite of line, tone and colour onto the weight and surfaces of specific papers and cloth. These elements of printmaking, its technical complexity and layering character in both analogue and digital techniques, adds up to a visual and emotional impact that enriches and extends all the visual disciplines in art and design: painting, sculpture, textiles and electronic media. For me, with primary affinities to drawing and tapestry, printmaking augments and develops my practice to a new audience.


Copyright Diana Wood Conroy.


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