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Knight - Spitbite etching 2009

Jelle van den Berg
There were never many occasions when I thought about making prints, however the more digitised the world becomes the more I get excited about traditional mediums and technologies.

Thomas Goulder has been very encouraging and supportive with the spit bite etching and Richard Hook has been very open minded and positive about the tentative steps and as a result I have been able to make five very soft and smoky prints. It was always intended that way. Next to the prints are the drawings from which I worked, mixed media watercolours.

In the 1970s I was introduced to Japanese woodblock prints. The method was to print by hand, resulting in irregular and unique coloured prints. The other influence was seeing Morandi’s etchings in Bologna and looking at Daumier’s lithographs.

I have only recently been able to set some time aside to be in the printmaking studio. This has taught me something truly essential, to be patient. The slow steps are undeniably exhilarating and to see every small mistake gently pointed out in an inky imprint is a joy. Thanks to Richard and Tom for getting me involved and I look forward to a continuing collaboration within the Research Group in the Faculty of Creative Arts.


Copyright Jelle van den Berg


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