The Digger
The Digger No.46 October 1975

The Digger No.46 October 1975

Phillip Frazer
Helen Garner


Transcripts of Juliet Mitchell’s speech and unsanctioned talkouts by Naomi Myers and other Aboriginal women, at the Women & Politics Conference in Canberra last month / A Melbourne man who refused to help Norm Gallagher takeover the Sydney BLF is murdered outside the BLF’s favourite pub / Jenny K and Red Symons talk about Skyhooks’ $1½ million 10 record deal with U.S. Phonogram / FRETILIN now runs a de facto socialist East Timor, while Suharto prepares to invade / Two Diggers in Lisbon – David Uren and Philip Brooks – file reports on Portugal’s revolutionary moment / Oenpelli people in Arnhem Land, the ALP, and FOE discuss uranium.