The Digger
The Digger No.44 May 1975

The Digger No.44 May 1975

Phillip Frazer
Helen Garner


Helen Garner rips David Williamson & Tim Burstall’s film Petersen, also Graeme Blundell’s Alvin Purple sequel, and the “passé and neurotic” Barry McKenzie Holds His Own / The wife and daughter of a Chilean General tortured to death by Pinochet speak with Caroline Graham in Sydney after being themselves tortured then exiled. [The daughter, Michele Bachelet, was elected President of Chile in 2007 and again in 2013.] / Nurses strike in Melbourne; Reese Lamshed reflects on how Florence Nightingale improved yet also undermined the lot of nurses / A group house for people who reject current modes of treating the ‘mentally ill’ / On May Day, Vietnam declares complete victory over the US / In Melbourne, a May Day demonstration against American control of Australian TV included such cultural heroes as Graeme Kennedy / In Suva, a meeting of island nations demands a nuclear free Pacific / John Kelly, a surfer from Hawaii, campaigns against developers who ruin beaches / Our first Gayzette, a column of gay news by Martin Smith / Feminists interviewed for the Great Wave article in issue 42 excoriate the authors / Bob Daly’s cartoon on socialism v domestic responsibility.