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Helen Garner rips David Williamson & Tim Burstall’s film Petersen, also Graeme Blundell’s Alvin Purple sequel, and the “passé and neurotic” Barry McKenzie Holds His Own / The wife and daughter of a Chilean General tortured to death by Pinochet speak with Caroline Graham in Sydney after being themselves tortured then exiled. [The daughter, Michele Bachelet, was elected President of Chile in 2007 and again in 2013.] / Nurses strike in Melbourne; Reese Lamshed reflects on how Florence Nightingale improved yet also undermined the lot of nurses / A group house for people who reject current modes of treating the ‘mentally ill’ / On May Day, Vietnam declares complete victory over the US / In Melbourne, a May Day demonstration against American control of Australian TV included such cultural heroes as Graeme Kennedy / In Suva, a meeting of island nations demands a nuclear free Pacific / John Kelly, a surfer from Hawaii, campaigns against developers who ruin beaches / Our first Gayzette, a column of gay news by Martin Smith / Feminists interviewed for the Great Wave article in issue 42 excoriate the authors / Bob Daly’s cartoon on socialism v domestic responsibility.


High Times Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 12p


Reproduced by permission of Phillip Frazer. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Pete Steedman.

The Digger No.44 May 1975