Moss desiccation experiments conducted at Casey 1998-99 and 1999-2000 by Jane Wasley


This series of experiments were conducted in the Casey station laboratories, using field collected moss samples, during the 1999/2000 summer field season. The work is fully described in Wasley et al. 2006 and Chapter 5 of Wasley 2004 (pp. 118-152), full citation details are:

- Wasley J., Robinson S.A., Lovelock C.E., Popp M. (2006) Some like it wet — biological characteristics underpinning tolerance of extreme water stress events in Antarctic bryophytes, Functional Plant Biology 33. 443-455

- Wasley J. (2004) The Effect of Climate Change on Antarctic Terrestrial Flora, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wollongong 191pp.

In summary, three byrophyte species were investigated: Bryum pseudotriquetrum, Ceratodon purpureus and Grimmia antarctici (later taxonomically revised as Schistidium antarctici).


Australian Antarctic Data Centre

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01/10/1998 - 31/03/1999 ; 01/10/1999 - 31/03/2000


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