Airborne, satellite and ground imaging spectroscopy data for estimation of chlorophyll content, leaf density and relative vigour of Antarctic mosses at ASPA 135 and Robinson Ridge study sites


Research sites

All remote sensing data sets were collected at two pilot research sites, Antarctic Specially Protected Area 135 (ASPA) and Robinson Ridge (Robbos), that host significant populations of Antarctic moss species, particularly: Schistidium antarctici (Cardot) L.I. Savicz and Smirnova, Bryum pseudotriquetrum (Hedw.) Gaertn., Meyer and Scherb., and Ceratodon purpureus (Hedw.) Brid. Verification of remote sensing products was performed with data from a long-term monitoring project of Windmill Islands' plant communities using observations of 13 permanent quadrats, which were established at ASPA and Robbos in 2003 (Wasley et al., 2012). Laboratory spectral and biochemical measurements for training of predictive machine leaning algorithms were performed on moss samples collected in the vicinity of the Casey polar station in 2013 and previously in 1999 (Lovelock and Robinson, 2002).


Australian Antarctic Data Centre

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01/01/1999 - 28/02/1999 ; 01/01/2013 - 28/02/2013


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