Major Open Data Collection - Hydrological Infrastructure Network for Jakarta, Indonesia

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The SMART Infrastructure Facility, as part of the project has developed a spatio-topological model of the hydrological infrastructure network for Jakarta, Indonesia. The hydrological infrastructure network is a spatial-topological model which describes how floodgates, pumps and waterways are both spatially and topological connected within the city. Using a graph theory approach pumps and floodgates are represented as network nodes, and waterways (rivers, canals, and streams) are represented as edges. Topology is encoded within the data using a system of unique node and edge primary keys. The model is a directed graph consisting of 550 nodes and 618 edges. Directionality was inferred by edge orientation, assuming the general condition of water flowing from south Jakarta to the north. The model is based on waterways, and pumps & floodgates data also available through the Major Open Data Collection.

Network model produced January 2015


SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong

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Robert Ogie

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080502 Mobile Technologies, 080709 Social and Community Informatics, 090903 Geospatial Information Systems

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