Major Open Data Collection – Waterways in Jakarta, Indonesia

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The waterways layer is a line geometry representation of rivers, canals and streams in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Attributes include river names, length, and geometries representing geographical locations of the line features. The dataset is a geo-processed version of data captured by the project, using field-survey and tracing of aerial imagery. The geo-processing included removal of undershoots and overshoots (duplicate lines), creating line breaks at intersections, and creating line breaks at intersections with points representing pumps and floodgates. The data consists of 618 rows, and is in the WGS 84 / UTM zone 48S (EPSG:32748) projected coordinate reference system. The dataset is network-ready for building both directed and undirected graphs representing hydrological infrastructure network for Jakarta, Indonesia.


SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong

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Robert Ogie

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080502 Mobile Technologies, 080709 Social and Community Informatics, 090903 Geospatial Information Systems

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