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Latukefu, L. & Verenikina, I. (2010). Scientific concepts: Do they belong in a student toolbox of learning? British Journal of Music Education, 28(2), 181-194.


This article presents part of an Australian study the purpose of which was to look at learning singing in a pedagogical environment designed using sociocultural theory. The classroom environment was transformed over 5 years in consultation with other staff members and used the reflective journals that students wrote during that time, as a way of refining and changing the design. Themes emerging from the journals were analysed to inform changes to the design. One of the main themes to emerge was student reflections about the scientific concepts they were taught and the ways the concepts were introduced. These reflections became the basis for the discussion in this paper. The study demonstrated that the students’ acquisition of scientific concepts of singing affected both their singing performance and their ability to learn in a positive way. The study suggests that scientific concepts of singing could become part of the students’ toolbox that helps develop their singing by making meaning of what they are experiencing kinaesthetically and aurally while they sing.



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