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Golda, A. & Johnson, M. V. (2010). Frenzy Episode. Project Contemporary Artspace Wollongong, 5-16 May 2010,


FRENZY EPISODE Agnieszka Golda and Martin Johnson I've lived too long. Can you see it? Isn't it beautiful? - Oh. Yes. I told you. How could I know? How could I ever imagine? Horrible. – Listen. I have to talk to you. No. There's no time. - I want to live with you. Just live. You don't listen too good. You gotta tell them they're right. But let's take care of you first. - You don't understand. It's people. (text from the science fiction film Soylent Green, 1973). Frenzy Episode is an installation based work developed collaboratively by Agnieszka Golda and Martin Johnson. In this exhibition the artists explore productions of affect, emotion and futurity in intercultural socio-spatial contexts through painting, sculpture and textiles.