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Havryliv, M. "Composing for improvisation with chaotic oscillators." Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME2010). Ed. K. Beilharz, A. Johnston, S. Ferguson & A. Yi-Chun Chen. 2010. 94-99.


This paper describes a novel method for composing and improvisation with real-time chaotic oscillators. Recently discovered algebraically simple nonlinear third-order differential equations are solved and acoustical descriptors relating to their frequency spectrums are determined according to the MPEG-7 specification. A second nonlinearity is then added to these equations: a real-time audio signal. Descriptive properties of the complex behaviour of these equations are then determined as a function odifference tones derived from a Just Intonation scale and the amplitude of the audio signal. By using only the real-time audio signal from live performer/s as an input the causal relationship between acoustic performance gestures and computer output, including any visual or performer-instruction output, is deterministic even if the chaotic behaviours are not.

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Proceedings of NIME Conferences