City of Wax



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Ballard, S. (2009). City of Wax Dunedin

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"Artwork published as a book"


City of Wax' is an art history of the present created from a found world of endless images. Over a period of 147 days I travelled across continents, surfaces, and islands capturing small moments of curiosity and anxiety within the noise. Monumental sounds were reduced to a murmur as surfaces blurred across vast distances. I became addicted to the journey spending more and more and more time in unfamiliar spaces. One day when I was no longer at home, the man who had always been outside my window simply packed up his blanket and left. Another day I saw fire, huge shooting flames, before I realized it was a reflection. On my eventual return lights were seen in the sky. In askingwhere I was I turned to this miniature yet monumental hidden place not for a definition nor for a picture but for a map .