Beyond the Surface: Susan Ballard, Kim Pieters, Seraphine Pick and Maryrose Crook



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Ballard, S. (2001). 'Beyond the Surface: Susan Ballard, Kim Pieters, Seraphine Pick and Maryrose Crook'. 22 April to 18 June, 2 September to 28 October, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Hawkes Bay Cultural Trust.


Extracts from Catalogue essay:

Pages and paintings generate spaces of activity, where basic white is always stung by experience. In Beyond the Surface, three painters and one writer present these visual spaces as fragments that unfold before the viewer. Travelling between the paintings and words in this exhibition, we find ourselves in seemingly exotic places and other worlds, watching fleeting half-lives which are often pervaded by the perfume of earlier thoughts or memories.

Pick’s shelf of Earthly Possessions offers an archive of yet another kind. These Possessions may be disguised in white paint, but unlike most found objects they do not await some new use. Cameras, tape-decks, cell-phones—all of these are devices for storing information and recording the past. Pick has cancelled the objects’ functions and embellished them with traces of the lives they once led. Grandmother’s knitting hands can be found on the radio beside which she sat for years.

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House Sparrow- Dunedin Public Art Gallery

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