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Redgate, J. (2005). Artwork exhibited in "Bleak Epiphanies: An exhibition of small black things.". Darlinghurst, 1 to 23 December, Sydney: Virginia Wilson Art.


The artistic director of Australia's biggest ever contemporary art exhibition (the 1982 Sydney Biennale) curates a special show for Sydney's smallest art venue, the Virginia Wilson Art office on Darley Street in Darlinghurst. Virginia Wilson asked William Wright to curate an end of year show for her small space in Darlinghurst, a request he responded to with alacrity. Up to 30 artists have agreed to produce a work for the exhibition, adhering to Bill's criteria of black and no more than 10" in any dimension. Artists include Rodney Pople, Jacky Redgate, Matthys Gerber, John Nicholsons and Moana Nepia. Bill has called the show Bleak Epiphanies.

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Virginia Wilson Art Gallery