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Kreckler, D. J.. Accident and Process. Peloton, Surrey Hills, Sydney. 13 September to 6 October. Sydney: MiSociety, 2012.


I recently read that ancient Greek and Roman theatres invoked certain gods and goddesses in their application and appreciation of life and art. The goddess of fate - of luck - of chance – was known asTyche in Greece and Fortuna in Rome. As the ancient folk believed in, and understood the involvement of chance to be an everyday occurrence, they found it useful to place statutes of the appropriate gods in entertainment venues, sometimes even within the seating as spectators. As chance-based processes guide so much art today, it interests me that unlike antiquity, contemporary statues are not erected in theatres or art galleries to celebrate and venerate chance. Certainly large bronzes of those deities of chance procedures, John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, seem unlikely.

Solo exhibition at the Peloton, 78A Campbell St, Surry Hills, Sydney. Held Accidents and Process (13.09.2012 to 06.10.2012)