Who has the Amphora handle?



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Wood Conroy, D.. "Who has the Amphora handle?" 17 August to 8 September. Wollongong: FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong, 2011.


The exhibition Who has the amphora handle? explores responses to Cyprus through collaboration and interaction between visual artists and performers.

Since 1996 Professor Diana Wood Conroy has taken students and staff from the Faculty of Creative Arts to join the University of Sydney’s Paphos Theatre Excavation in Cyprus. The excavation has welcomed the interaction of artists and archaeologists through the enlightened scholarship of its Director Professor Richard Green and Associate Director Dr Craig Barker.

Nikki Heywood, Tim Maddock and Deborah Pollard engaged with trench excavation, while Derek Kreckler and Jacky Redgate undertook the documentation of architectural elements such as Corinthian column capitals. Jacqueline Gothe mapped the Basilica Chryssopolitissa near the theatre in Paphos, while Lawrence Wallen and Diana Wood Conroy worked on drawings of acanthus-leaved marble capitals. Penny Harris scrutinised ancient bronzes. The process of engaging with the excavation of ancient architecture, analysis of artifacts and Byzantine art is a catalyst for looking freshly at the contemporary world.

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