Mnemonics of place: the Artists' Books (Essay)



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Wood Conroy, D. "Mnemonics of place: the Artists' Books" Wollongong, NSW: Wanderlust: Travelling Exhibition of Artists Books Liz Jeneid And Alexander Arcus, 2006. 2-4. Printed publication - Catalogue Essay

Catalogue to an exhibition that toured venues in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland from 2006-2008. Essay by Diana Wood Conroy.


This exhibition of artists' books examines the process of notation by two artists of their travels in Australia and overseas. There is a questioning of the forms such books may take and the many approaches to expressing content using both text and image.

The books range from collections of drawings or prints of a journey or place, to the ephemera of travel, or to images which the artist associates with a particular place. Both artists use a variety of materials and print techniques, ranging from intaglio and embossing by hand to computer printing, often on paper specifically made by hand for a particular book. A variety of bookbinding techniques will be used and considerable thought given to the display of the books with several presented in slip cases or sculptural boxes. More