Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #9 June-July 1976

Cinema Papers #9 June-July 1976

Peter Beilby
Phillippe Mora
Scott Murray


Articles and Interviews
Milos Forman: Interview David Stratton and Kate Fitzpatrick 10
Cuckoo’s Nest — a cultural interpretation Ian Hunter 15
De Forest Phonofilms Ian Griggs 16
Max Lemon: Interview Vince O’Donnell 21
Miklos Jancso John O’Hara 24
Andrew Gatty: Interview Antony I. Ginnane 30
Australian Women Filmmakers Part 1 Joan Long 34
Luchino Visconti 1906-1976 Jack Clancy and Robert Schar 39
Robin Spry: Interview Jan Dawson 42
David Greig: Interview Kevin Anderson 47
The Quarter 8
Guide for the Australian Film Producer Antony I. Ginnane and Leon Gorr 44
Production Report: Oz Scott Murray 51
Production Survey 61
Preview: The Filming of Mad Dog Peter Beil by 66
Soundtracks Ivan Hutchinson 79
Columns 81
Letters 85
Film Reviews
Caddie Jack Clancy 71
The Devil’s Playground John O’Hara 72
The Trespassers Jack Clancy 74
Dog Day Afternoon Tom Ryan 74
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother John C. Murray 75
Innocents with Dirty Hands Tom Ryan 77