Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #8 March-April 1976

Cinema Papers #8 March-April 1976

Peter Beilby
Phillippe Mora
Scott Murray


Articles and Interviews
Pat Lovell: Interview Antony I. Ginnane and Scott Murray 298
The Last Newsreel Ray Edmondson 302
Richard Zanuck and David Brown: Interview Rod Bishop and Antony I. Ginnane 306
Akio Jissoji Andrew Pike 310
Sydney Pollack: Interview David Brandes 320
Renovations in Earthquake Hotel Howard Willis 325
Sergei Gerasimov: Interview Susan Dermody 329
Pier Paolo Pasolini 1922-1975 Noel Purdon 334
Willie Twist: Rediscovered Ian Griggs 355
Features The Quarter 296
Guide for the Australian Film Producer Antony I. Ginnane and Leon Gorr 315
1975 Chicago Film Festival Jan Dawson 318
Filmography: Beaumont Smith Ross Cooper 332
Picture Previews: Salo or 120 Days in Sodom 336
The Trespassers 365 The Hindenburg 374
Production Report: Don’s Party Gordon Glenn and Scott Murray 339
Production Survey 349 Letters 371 Columns 372
Soundtracks: Bernard Herrmann Ivan Hutchinson 375
Top Ten 378
Film Reviews
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Jan Dawson 359
Mandingo Tom Ryan 359
Black Moon Jan Dawson 361
Love and Death John C. Murray 362
Barry Lyndon Jack Clancy 363
The Man Who Would Be King Jim Murphy 366
The Passenger Tom Ryan 367
The Wind and the Lion Marcus Cole 369