Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #7 November-December 1975

Cinema Papers #7 November-December 1975

Peter Beilby
Phillippe Mora
Scott Murray


Table of contents:
Articles and Interviews
Francis Ford Coppola Interviewed - Antony I. Ginnane and David Stratton
Feminist Critique - Meaghan Morris
What’s it like on the receiving end of Australian film criticism? - Tim Burstall
Under Western Eyes - Noel Purdon
Paul Winkler: Interview - Norman Ingram
Core Collections - E. R. Vallacott and Barrett Hodsdon
Policy Statements - Film, Radio and TV Board and Australian Film Commission
David Roe on the Playbox Cinema: Interview - Antony I. Ginnane and Scott Murray
Dusan Makavejev: Interview - John O’Hara
Albert Wright: Interview - Erwin Rado
The Quarter
1975 International Women’s Film Festival 4th International Perth Film Festival
Production Report: Caddie - Gordon Glenn and Scott Murray
Production Survey
Picture Previews: - Jaws / Australia After Dark
1975 Berlin and Moscow Film Festivals - David Stratton
1975 San Sebastian Film Festival - Erwin Rado Columns
Soundtracks - Ivan Hutchinson
Film Reviews
Night Moves - Jack Clancy
The Man From Hong Kong - Jim Murphy
The Great MacArthy - Freida Freiberg
Section Speciele - John O’Hara
Picnic at Hanging Rock - Scott Murray
Nashville - Ian Stocks
How Willingly You Sing - Jack Clancy
The Voyage - Graham Shirley
The Fortune - John C. Murray
Fear Eats the Soul - Tom Ryan
Book Reviews
The Strange Case of Alfred Hitchcock - Ken Mogg
Your Introduction to Film and TV Copyright Contacts and other Law, and Motion Picture Distribution: Business or Racket? - Roger O. Thornhill