Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #69 May 1988

Cinema Papers #69 May 1988

Philippa Hawker




8 SCHMOOZING: A beginner’s guide to LA-speak

10 THE SOUND OF MUSIC: Australian composers speak

16 MUSIC TWO: Cameron Allan talks

18 IAN BRADLEY SUMS UP: Where Crawfords is going

20 MAKING AIRWAVES: The network shake-up

22 SEX, DEATH AND FAMILY MOVIES: Mommy, what’s happenin’ on our screens?

48 REVIEWS: Broadcast News, The Dead, The Everlasting Secret Family, The Good Father, House Of Games, The Man From Snowy River II, Wall Street, Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train, Wings Of Desire

60 BOOKS: Actor! Actor!

62 HIGH TACK: In the beginning are the logos

68 PRODUCTION SURVEY: Who’s making what in Australia

78 CENSORSHIP: The January and February decisions

80 BACK PAGE: Film buff’s diary