Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #68 March 1988

Cinema Papers #68 March 1988

Philippa Hawker




6 QUESTION AND ANSARA: Martha Ansara and the pursuit of happiness

8 STARS AND BARS: Nick Cave and the Rich Kids go directly to jail

12 BACK IN THE USSR: Filmmaking after giasnost

18 CONFESSIONS OF A MASK: What is this thing called glamour?

22 DEGREES OF RADIANCE: Glamour in motion

28 THE MAN IN THE ICONIC MASK: Beatty is in the eye of the beholder

30 SHORTS CIRCUIT: Ruffled Feathers, deep Ocean, Ocean

32 THE SIGN OF FOUR: Taking cues from Channel 4

34 ROSY VIEW: Channel 4’s commissioning editor talks

36 REVIEWS: Barfly, The Black Cannon incident, Can’t Buy Me Love, Cry Freedom, The Family, Fatal Attraction, Made In Heaven, Manon Des Sources, Rita, Sue And Bob Too, Sherman’s March, Tampopo, Planes, Trains And Automobiles, 28 Up.

50 BOOKS: National Fictions


52 CLOSE-UP: Jim McBride and The Big Easy

55 OVERVIEW: They’ve got the video industry covered

57 ON VIEW: New releases

60 TECHNICALITIES: You should have been here last week

66 PRODUCTION SURVEY: Who’s making what

78 CENSORSHIP: The November and December decisions

80 BACK PAGE: March and April film buff’s diary