Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #43 May-June 1983

Cinema Papers #43 May-June 1983

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Sydney Pollack: Interview Tom Ryan, Scott Murray 98
The Dismissal John O’Hara 106
Denny Lawrence: Interview Christine Cremen 112
Moving Out: Casting and Scripting Marcus Breen 116
Best (of) Friends Geoff Mayer 123
Graeme Clifford: Interview Debi Enker 126
Features The Quarter and Letters 96
Picture Preview: Careful He Might Hear You 109
Manila International Film Festival Debi Enker, Tom Ryan 118
Film Censorship Listings 131
Box-office Grosses 133
Production Survey 147
Picture Preview: Molly 170
Picture Preview: Undercover 172
Film Reviews
Dusty Arnold Zable
Une semaine de vacances Tom Ryan
Gandhi Arnold Zable
Fighting Back Jim Schembri
An Officer and a Gentleman Brian McFarlane
First Contact Barbara Alysen
Monsignor Peter Malone
3-D Supplement
Stereoscopic Film 134
Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema: Review 140
Mike Browning: Interview 141
Volk Mol: Interview 142
Alex Stitt: Interview 144