Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #41 December 1982

Cinema Papers #41 December 1982

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Igor Auzins: interview Debi Enker 504
Guilty Pleasures: the Films of Paul Schrader Neil Sinyard 510
Peter Tammer: interview Geoffrey Gardner 516
The Efftee Legacy Chris Long 521
Liliana Cavani: interview Sue Adler 524
All Creatures Great and Mostly Small: the Biography Industry. Part One Brian McFarlane 528
Colin Higgins: interview David Stratton 533
Class of 1984 Peter Malone 542
The Quarter
500 Australian Film Awards Scott Murray 501
Letters 502
Picture Preview: The Year of Living Dangerously 538
New Products and Processes: an interview with Julian Ellingworth Ian Wilson 545
Film Censorship Listings 549
Production Survey 551
Picture Preview: Phar Lap 571
Box-office Grosses 577
Film Reviews
Lonely Hearts Keith Connolly 561
Three Brothers Paulo Weinberger 562
We of the Never Never Brian McFarlane 563
E.T. The Extraterrestrial Robert Conn 564
Crosstalk Geoff Mayer 565
Barbarosa Barrie Pattison 567
The Sharkcallers of Kontu Solrun Hoaas 568
A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy Margaret Smith 569
Book Reviews
Variety International Motion Picture Marketplace 1982-83, Variety International Showbusiness Reference, Variety Major U.S. Showbusiness Awards, Kemps International Film and Television Year Book 1982-83 and International Film and TV Year Book 1981-82 G. R. Lansell 572
Recent Releases Merv Binns 575