Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #40 October 1982

Cinema Papers #40 October 1982

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Henri Safran: Interview Margaret Smith
Michael Ritchie Neil Sinyard
Pauline Kael: Interview Sue Mathews
Wendy Hughes: Interview Richard Brennan
The National Industry Training Scheme Daniela Torsh
Ray Barrett: Interview Mark Stiles
What is a Documentary? John Langer
My Dinner With Andre and A Conversation with Andre Gregory Tom Ryan
The Quarter
Picture Preview: Moving Out
Edinburgh Film Festival 1982 Mari Kuttna
Film Censorship Listings
Picture Preview: The Return of Captain Invincible
Box-office Grosses
Production Survey
Music Ivan Hutchinson
Picture Preview: Crosstalk
Film Reviews
Norman Loves Rose Brian McFarlane
The Animals Film Paulo Weinberger
Running on Empty Mark Spratt
Taps Jim Schembri
Chulas fronteras Marcus Breen
I Am No God Paulo Weinberger
Book Reviews
The Craft of the Screenwriter Margaret Smith